In addition to normal sales-calls with purchasers, we are adept at performing the necessary follow- through.

  • Hold sales meetings on a regular basis
  • Assemble and maintain displays
  • Make certain that our manufacturers' product is properly displayed in the stores.
  • Distribute Point-of-Purchase material

Our inside-people are in constant contact with our accounts. Orders are placed and tracked with each of the accounts, and the factories we represent. Reports are provided listing sales by account, by line, and by sales territory, complete with history. This allows everyone to have an objective judgment as to how we are progressing. It also shows immediately, where additional add-on sales may occur. We recognize that one of a Manufacturers' Reps strongest assets to a factory, is our ability to cross-sell your line into existing accounts. Dealer and Distributor mailings are produced frequently to our 700 active accounts and outlets.



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