Straight commission = no fixed cost.
  Immediate access to major accounts.
  Experienced salespeople and managers.
  No long term commitment.
  Local office presence.
  Intimate knowledge of what it takes to do real business with our target accounts.

Think of us as your regional sales office....immediately staffed, knowledgeable of the accounts and territory, highly motivated, carrying complimentary (not competitive) lines.

Just like a direct regional office, we do not "own" product. We do all of the other sales-related functions.

  • Initially sell in product
  • Sales Training to resellers staff
  • Our inside people follow your order through placement, delivery, and collection.
  • Attend and arrange meetings with key management and buyers at trade shows.
  • Plan and implement your advertising and product placement strategy with our accounts.
  • Manage key city funds
  • You still bill the product directly, receive the funds directly, and pay us a commission based upon our sales.


In today's fast-changing, global marketplace, the key to future survival is flexibility. By using sales agents, your sales costs are always a fixed percentage of sales. When markets experience cyclical changes, sales costs decline with reduced sales levels. Trying to balance a workforce with layoffs and constantly evaluating individual sales people becomes a thing of the past.

Furthermore, working with a company that has intimate knowledge of customers and markets can increase sales. Agents with other products established with a customer base can often gain better access to those customers.